Mobile Defense Benefits

Mobile Defense Features

Manage your business and family devices.

MDM Airwatch VM Ware

    Empower you, your family or your business to provide better security for mobile devices. Quickly add or remove devices and automatically provision apps and policies without needing an IT team.
    Simplify security, enable users to self-activate with corporate credentials. Secure application access, setting and more based on roles, permissions and operating systems.
    Keep your team in sync, deploy new applications to the entire team with the push of a button for on-demand installation. You have control, bring your own device or issue corporate devices based on your unique needs.

Encrypted communication with the convenience you demand.

secure communications

    Calls are fully authenticated and encrypted. Seamless integration with the device, so you can use regular phone numbers for making encrypted communication calls.
    Send and receive encrypted messages. The comprehensive encrypted messaging service supports a variety of messaging options, including sending and receiving secure text, documents, media and usage of encrypted self-destructing messages that leave no trace.
    Mobile security in complete privacy. No user data or call logs are generated, collected or stored. Whom and when you are calling, and where you are calling from, is only known by you.

Real time monitoring and adaptation for the peace of mind you deserve.

cipherwatch mobiledefense

    The powerful real-time threat detection leverages multiple detection techniques; network, device, application and behavioral anomalies to provide real-time alerts.
    Our risk-based threat defense is policy-based delivers automated protection response based on all information to determine how best to protect you.
  • ADAPT:
    Your devices continually adapt based on your unique behavior and potential associated risks. Our contextual, risk-driven security approach assigns a risk profile for your device and you, in real time.

Personalized. Convenient. Secure.


    Our secure Google Pixel II comes with full disk encryption and physical extraction prevention. Your secure device delivers data leakage prevention with risk level and security posture monitoring.
    You are the most important asset, enable advanced incident response and alerts with our robust Panic Mode feature. Environmental related attack detection can alert your security detail in real-time.
    Your device provides easy to use secure communications fully integrated with the native phone and messenger applications. All your apps are protected so you can operate business as usual.

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