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Griffin delivers you proactive protection and peace of mind of knowing Griffin cares 24/7.

You are right to think about protecting what is valuable and most important in your life. We believe it is your right to be secure and that's why we created Live!™. Say goodbye to not knowing if you're safe and welcome your new worry-free, secure lifestyle.
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"One of the key differences with Griffin Group Global is their relentless pursuit of perfection as well as their personal, one on one, input to our specific needs. They have the resources to be at the cutting edge with their technology and to make sure that their entire team can take the time to truly understand our concerns and needs. We, at William C. Huff, feel fortunate to have them in our corner to protect our clients’ privacy. Having spent 2 years researching and testing other security companies, we are finally confident that the approach Griffin Group Global uses is the best fit for our clients’ needs. We look forward to continuing to grow William C Huff's security footprint in the weeks, months and years ahead."

- Jim Henderson | William C. Huff

How Griffin Protects You

      Live!™ 24/7 Proactive Protection

Empower your people and ensure your lifestyle remains secure with our 24/7 Network Security Operations Center. Your own virtual CISO as a service.

Provide people convenience with the confidence in our 24/7 active threat detection and rapid response team to ensure your digital privacy, and protect your assets.

Adapt to threats with proactive offense. Protect the the way you live by living the way you enjoy. Risk, threat and security analysis for continuous risk reduction.

When there is a problem you want to know it is being handled by certified professionals. Enjoy the worry-free protection of incident response management.

Keeping up with patching and system maintenance can be the difference in protecting your data. Take the guess work out of “Do-it-yourself” and experience secure convenience.

Our apps advise in real-time on possible threats. Alerts are provided to your IT Security Teams with compiled information on active threats and associated remediation techniques, avoiding a progressive attack.

Uniquely designed and managed recovery plan with resilience from a team of certified professionals covering all aspects of archival and recovery, this includes ransomware.

Trained, certified Griffin technicians investigate and recover data from digital devices in response to malicious activities. Minimize breach impact and maintain your brand reputation.

Systematic approach to understanding and adopting the benefits of your secure digital environment. Every step of the way our team supports your organizational goals and objectives.

The Live!™ 24/7 Value Proposition

Live!™ empowers you with managed proactive protection as a service. Privacy is paramount, our Live!™ staff works 24/7 to help you, your family and your business live the secure lifestyle with peace of mind.

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