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Griffin's state of the art instinctual secure applications deliver personalized, 24/7 security by accounting for your point of view, lifestyle and insistence on real world convenience.

You are smart to demand more than just performance and immediacy. We deliver secure mobility with our integrated applications that help you automate business and lifestyle activities, increase productivity, save time, save money and alleviate the worry of your information being compromised.
secure applications

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"Griffin was instrumental in helping to secure my family at our newly constructed estate. In addition to securing the home Griffin also secured our personal communication devices using their secure communication products. Griffin’s approach to securing our home and their approach to securing our mobile devices, eased the concerns my wife and I had regarding our exposure to hackers and intruders. Griffin was worth both our financial investment as well as the peace of mind we get knowing their expertise will help to protect us. It was an eye opening and educational experience for both of us."

- High Net Worth Family | Northern Virginia

How Griffin connects you?

Gravity™ Secure Business & Lifestyle Applications Suite


Secure project, activity and task management is key to advance productivity and drive efficiency. Automated workflows in a user-friendly interface to simplify complexity with a few clicks of a button. Expect immediate results.

Securely take care of your #1 asset and connect your people with Fusion™. What does your team like, how do they work best together and with whom? Track, know, care and enable your people like never before.

Inventory management made ease. Search, monitor and maintain items from tracking costs to appraised value so you can insure your assets accurately. Our managed appraisal service gives you the freedom to stay hands-off, insure and protect your assets value.

We provide a hybrid approach to your residential and commercial cleaning best practices that drives consistency and efficiency in housekeeping.

Securely build and manage documents across your domain. Create documents, automatically organize them how you like. Gain dynamic word-processing and contextual relationships from one document to another.

Create comprehensive travel itineraries that put your preferences first. Connect the many facets of travel so you move with confidence every step of the way. Your secure situational awareness gives you the experience you expect.

Safeguard your physical and digital self from threat provisioning to automated CONOPS procedures. Our single environment gives your security detail the information and tools to better secure your life.

Family governance, trust and corporate services leverage Legacy™ for wealth and estate planning, legacy succession, hierarchy of family with roles and percent of the family’s overall wealth. Support your family office into the future keeping your legacy protected.

Secure Convenience as a Service

Gravity™ instinctually delivers you digital identity protection with a complete suite of secure applications. Designed with you in mind, we provide scalable, convenient, mobile applications that are adaptive to life for secure mobility no matter where you go. Simplicity and continuous application security enables you to take back your privacy!

secure applications

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Whether you are new to securing your life, your business, your family or your possessions, Gravity™ Secure Applications is a great place to start the journey. Our intuitive apps are convenient, secure and are never open to 3rd parties where your data is sold to the highest bidder. Gravity™ apps will help you secure your life and business operations on your devices today. Welcome to your secure tomorrow.

secure apps

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