When an individual’s personal information is accidentally or unlawfully changed, deleted, or disclosed to any parties who do not have a right to it, this is known as a personal data breach. Common personal data breach exposures include personal information, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and healthcare histories, as well as corporate information, such as customer lists, manufacturing processes and software source code. If anyone who is not specifically authorized to do so views such data, the organization charged with protecting that information is said to have suffered a data breach. Unfortunately, some situations are out of our control. We need to be able to trust companies that we do business with to have proper security. That’s […]

Whether you are working on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you are essentially exposing yourself and, more importantly, your personally identifiable information to cyber security threats every time you log in. Hackers, often with the help of malicious software, do their best to steal information from personal devices for the benefit of themselves or a third party. In today’s networks, we have to consider that digital identity is the new perimeter to be protected. Digital Identity in this case does not mean only the device and its physical location but also the data, applications and user information it contains.     Below are 3 Cyber Security Threats not to overlook Outdated Software A common security flaw in all networks is […]

Thanks to social media, people are sharing more information about themselves than ever before. But that openness also puts them at risk for #identitytheft. Untangling the repercussions of identity theft can take more than a year and cause a lot of headaches. Identity theft isn’t going away any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim. There are steps you can take to reduce your risk, and it all starts with being discriminating about who you share your information with. Learn to recognize Phishing scams. This email-based scam where bad actors pose as a real organization, agency or company, prompting the reader to enter personal information such as addresses, credit card numbers or bank account numbers. If something seems […]